The seller people table is referred to as parents dining table, the dining table that another key sources

Overview: within this tutorial, you will learn ways to use the SQLite overseas secret limitation to cause the interaction between similar information.

SQLite international secret restriction assistance

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To check on whether your present version of SQLite supporting international important restrictions or otherwise not, you use the subsequent management.

In the event the SQLite room is definitely compiled with overseas principal restriction support, the application form can make use of the PRAGMA foreign_keys command to permit or immobilize unknown trick regulations at runtime.

To disable mysterious trick limitation:

Make it possible for international important restriction:

Overview of the SQLite unknown principal constraints

Letas start out with two information: sellers and supplier_groups :

Assuming that each company is owned by one and only one distributor party. Each company crowd own zero or numerous suppliers. The partnership between supplier_groups and sellers game tables is actually one-to-many. Quite simply, for every single line inside companies desk, discover a corresponding line when you look at the supplier_groups dining table.

At this time, it’s impossible to keep through putting a row towards retailers table without a related row for the supplier_groups desk.

Plus, you can eliminate a-row into the supplier_groups counter without deleting or upgrading the matching lines for the providers counter. This could put orphaned lines when you look at the retailers table.

To implement the partnership between lines into the distributors and supplier_groups stand, you may use the foreign secret constraints.

To increase the foreign key constraint to your sellers counter, an individual replace the concise explanation of the GET COUNTER declaration above as follows:

The supplier_groups counter is known as a mom or dad dinner table, which is the dining table that an international key recommendations. The suppliers desk is recognized as youngsters counter, the table to which the unknown principal restriction relates.

SQLite unknown secret constraint model

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1st, put three lines to the supplier_groups dining table.

2nd, place a distributor inside vendors counter aided by the supplier class that is out there from inside the supplier_groups dinner table.

This statement is effective properly good.

Third, attempt to add another supplier into the suppliers stand with all the seller people that does not are in the supplier_groups table.

SQLite inspected the mysterious principal limitation, refused the change, and issued all of the following blunder communication:

SQLite unknown principal limitation behavior

What might happen any time you erase a-row within the supplier_groups counter? Ought to the matching rows inside the companies desk are wiped? The exact same questions for the revise functioning.

To specify how mysterious important constraint acts whenever the mother or father secret is deleted or up-to-date, you use the at REMOVE or ON UPDATE actions the following:

Used, the beliefs associated with the primary key in the mom stand usually do not changes meaning that improve principles happen to be significantly less important. More essential guideline will be the DELETE rule that points out the experience whenever the parent principal was wiped.

Weall analyze each measures through as a result of situation


As soon as the mother or father trick improvement, remove or revise, the matching youngster recommendations off rows into the baby desk set-to NOTHING.

First of all, decrease and produce the stand manufacturers utilizing the ready NULL motion towards class_id mysterious key:

Next, insert some lines to the distributors table:

Third, delete the vendor collection id 3 within the supplier_groups table:

Fourth, question info from the dealers dining table.

The beliefs from the people_id line of the corresponding rows inside suppliers stand set to NOTHING.


The put TRADITIONAL motion kits value of the foreign key to the nonpayment advantages stipulated during the line definition after you create the table.

Since the prices during the column group_id loan defaults to NULL, in the event you get rid of a-row from supplier_groups desk, the standards belonging to the class_id will set-to NULL.

After appointing the traditional worth, the mysterious trick limitation kicks in and provides the confirm.


The REDUCE action will not enable you to changes or delete values when you look at the mother or father trick of mother or father counter.

Initial, shed and create the distributors stand because of the LESSEN actions in the mysterious principal class_id :

2nd, place a row into the desk sellers by using the people_id 1.

Third, erase the dealer class with id 1 within the supplier_groups table:

SQLite distributed the next mistakes:

To improve they, you have to for starters delete all lines from your dealers desk which includes crowd_id 1:

Next, you may eliminate the provider collection 1 from your supplier_groups dinner table:


The NO ACTION does not necessarily follow by-pass the foreign trick restriction. It provides the same effect because LIMIT .


The CASCADE motion propagates the modifications within the mom dining table with the son or daughter desk when you upgrade or remove the moms and dad secret.

To begin with, place the distributor communities into the supplier_groups dining table:

Second, lose and make the table providers making use of SUCCESSION actions inside the overseas secret team_id :

Third, add some suppliers inside table retailers :

Fourth, inform team_id on the home-based company people to 100:

Fifth, question data through the table sellers :

As you can see the worth inside class_id line from the XYZ Corp within the counter companies switched from 1 to 100 when we updated the students_id into the suplier_groups dinner table muslima Dating Site. Here is the consequence of ON ENHANCE WATERFALL measures.

Sixth, delete vendor collection id 2 from your supplier_groups counter:

Seventh, problem information through the dining table manufacturers :

The seller identification 2 whoever people_id is definitely 2 ended up being deleted whenever vendor people identification 2 is taken from the supplier_groups stand. This is actually the effect of the upon DELETE CASCADE actions.

Contained in this tutorial, you have discovered SQLite unknown important restriction and the way to employ them to impose the partnership between connected dining tables.

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