exact same thing has become happening to me too for weeks now, would you find a way around this? tried anything you listed

OK. I’ve no idea the particular dilemma is right here. I get 0 fights. Its become like per month and a half. I used to acquire games partially often and Ive been recently on some Tinder times. I mean perhaps Im awful. But that nonetheless doesnt describe 0 fits! Is Tinder actually proclaiming that every lady in 100 distance distance of myself swiped placed?! Genuine?! in the morning we that awful goodness!? The reason have my personal ex girlfriends lay in my experience?! Why couldnt they merely declare I like we but as the female I want to tell the truth, you arent that great looking? The reason they usually gotta say Omg youre thus good-looking! right after which check out do dental act with serious lust? (Yeah which is how it happened)

At Any Rate. 0 matches. Classify out.

best young dating apps

Havent become working properly for weeks personally. Deere app get often operates. It currently wont open anyway just offers somali uk dating me personally server mistake communication. Im getting therefore sick of it nowadays, i recently want to have shop around, put a grip Tinder

I’ve simply popped my favorite Tnder application on iPhoen and received messages to read through, nevertheless cannot let me open these people because i it seems that haven’t any host connection.

Not able to log in to Tinder. Seems to be not online to me.

Everybodys account arises but we cant notice anybodies photos such as my own further?? Ive tried out log in and out, reinstalling..

Ive had continuous problems logging into sites, Ive experimented with reinstalling tinder, restarting contact, disabling tinder on FB, reenabling it, and each and every moments I have the host problem saying There is problem hooking up to Tomder. Make Sure You try once more later on. Really does anybody bring anything else We possibly could sample or are servers simply downward?

Right we cant login as machine are down?? Anyone??

Having difficulty logging into sites, actually via fcbk since Sunday morning hours, texting ok Saturday-night then Sunday early morning zero, steve,

I cant sign in its mentioning Facebook cancelled login assist you need to

Do anybody discover why additional matches pictures never download and install, we cant view who Im speaking way too?? Cheryl

Some one I became talking-to offersnt reacted I closed all and reopened every thing missing!! Luckily have on apple ipad tablet as well with a telephone number for 1 this individual mentioned I got eliminated from system. You will find shed individuals i used to be achieving perfectly with gggrrrr

Im keeping the identical problem! ?? All our matches and communications have got just disappeared into nothing!

I am not happy at all with Tinder, I had a message from this lady i have been chatting to for a few weeks and then when i open the message there is nothing there, talk about build my hopes up. Whats transpiring Tinder?

Software signed me personally on thereafter anytime I logged back All 100+ fits and communications have died, we beaten more however tried using re logging into sites and out from the app and also the those whent also, obtained a notice stating You will find a message although people might it be listed

There was a number of fights together with the being wiped. Everything seems unusual at the moment because I have a notification stating i’ve a unique message and then when i open up it there’s nothing to read through.

Keep obtaining profitable complement message although not showing from the software? Many times become swipe goof ups

Tinder is not going to load any pics, definitely not mine or any person more.

Gone obtaining a message all morning about server factors, sample again later on

Considered it has been sorted considering that it worked inside the room early after which for a bit as I grabbed room. Then server mistakes came back.

Loading photos since past so they wont sign on.

Provides declaring theres a mistake making use of the host if j take to visit re installed once or twice any designs??

Match number is actually stuck on loading

In NL it is not working sometimes. Been staring at load meets for just two nights today .. Either record is just too larger (;)) or something takes in.

enjoys this recently been solved? I will be getting this problem since 4 weeks at this point. tried using the common uninstall, logout, apparent info. still no chance. All the rest of it was using excellent

Got alike issue as Ramesh and Tim, display simply keeps exclaiming loading fits

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