Citi Custom Finances Credit Overview – No Yearly Fee & 5% Cash-Back

The Citi Custom profit credit are a cash-back credit card with no yearly charge and a large benefits regimen that favors everyday purchasing. Without any quarterly turning kinds or money back activation expected, it’s a notable improvement on traditional category-based cash return credit cards like Chase liberty Flex.

The Citi Personalized finances credit shines on two some other fronts besides. It’s one of the better sign-up incentives of every no-annual-fee mastercard in the marketplace, and it boasts a long 0percent APR introductory marketing that relates to both shopping and transfers of balance. Although their foreign purchase fee is actually a downer for jet-setting cardholders, there’s very little to whine about right here usually.

Thinking about improving your current cash-back card to a different model? Intrigued by that which you’ve read so far in regards to the Citi Personalized Cash cards, a Mastercard from a single of the most preferred charge card issuers around? Read on to get more about any of it card’s attributes, advantages, and overall viability for people as if you.

Key Characteristics

The Citi Customized finances cards enjoys a reasonable sign-up added bonus, an excellent continuous cash return benefits regimen, and an impressive 0% APR opening advertisement. Cash return comes because ThankYou information, Citi’s loyalty currency — really worth $0.01 per point whenever used for finances equivalents like declaration credits and bank account deposits.

Signup Added Bonus

Earn $200 extra funds, fulfilled as 20,000 ThankYou factors, after spending $750 in eligible shopping while in the very first 3 months your bank account is open. This extra present will probably be worth $200 when used for statement credits or drive deposits to an eligible bank account.

Receiving Cash-Back Benefits

Citi custom made Cash provides a two-tiered rewards regimen.

Very first, all eligible acquisitions in the cardholder’s top monthly paying classification (regarding the eight permanently eligible classes) obtain 5per cent cash back (5 Citi ThankYou details per $1 invested), around $500 in month-to-month expenses in this class. The spending classes qualified to receive bonus cash return were:

There’s no maximum to how often the cardholder’s top month-to-month expenses classification can alter. But bear in mind that the $500 monthly using cap properly limitations extra cash-back earnings to $25 monthly or $300 each year.

2nd, all the other eligible purchases obtain 1% cash return (1 ThankYou point per $1 spent), without limits or restrictions on getting possible. This category include buys from inside the top month-to-month expenses class over the $500 monthly paying cap.

Redeeming Cash-Back Benefits

ThankYou details can be redeemed for virtually everything for the Citi ThankYou payoff portal. Ideal redemptions integrate statement loans or bank-account deposits, all of which importance things at $0.01 apiece. Cardholders might also get for Amazon buys, gifts cards, items, as well as other items.

Introductory APR

Love 0percent APR for 15 period after levels opening on expenditures as well as for 15 period from the big date of exchange for transfers of balance. After that, typical variable APR uses, based on your creditworthiness and prevailing interest rates.

Qualifying transfers of balance must be completed within four several months of membership beginning. A balance transfer fee applies.

Vital Fees

The Citi Customized money Card has no yearly cost. International purchases are priced at 3% on the full deal levels. Additional fees may pertain.

Credit Score Rating Required

Citi Personalized funds need an effective to outstanding credit rating. Individuals with restricted, poor, or fair credit is unlikely to be eligible for this incentives mastercard.


The Citi Customized earnings Card provides extensive benefits over flat-rate cash-back bank cards and standard quarterly rotating classification cards also. Plus, with a generous sign-up bonus and introduction APR promotion, it gives alot for new account holders to including.

1. No Annual Charge

The Citi custom made funds Card doesn’t have annual fee. Cardholders who don’t want to use it since their major bank card can be assured that they won’t burn a hole inside their pouches between functions.

2. Powerful Sign-up Added Bonus

Citi Personalized funds have a powerful sign-up added bonus with a relatively lower expenses criteria without invest kinds to be concerned about.

3. countless possibilities to secure 5% money back

Unlike the initial harvest of cash-back bank cards with 5per cent incentive money back classes, Citi Custom funds supplies a permanent selection of added bonus kinds and immediately benefits cardholders for making use of their favorite.

To get specific, Personalized money keeps eight pretty broad spending categories qualified to receive extra earnings: diners, gasoline stations, select vacation, select online streaming treatments, select transit, drugstores, diy stores, and alive activities. You’ll immediately get 5% cash back in whichever of the kinds you may spend the absolute most in monthly (up to $500 in monthly purchasing).

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