Become clear the goal of this article isn’t to create Tinder lose cash or perhaps to encourage this actions (Exploiting settled services free-of-charge), in my view, it may be regarded as a comfortable type of piracy.

To avoid this they might need to additionally name the exact same solution when you look at the backend to check if no matter what user are giving try legitimate but, let’s be honest, we don’t believe that creating a cities is such a big deal to do that.

Additionally, the phone wide variety are accumulated as… phone_id

Only for enjoyable, I attempted doing some XSS however it transforms they’ve that covered.

Random parts

There is certainly a 100 likes limit which does not apparently become caused if when using the website generally but, if you a huge selection of request for each minute most likely might stop your. So mix this with ‘script’ with a CRON task that operates every X* and you are all set. Furthermore, it’s going to be better when you do them one by one with some arbitrary wait in between, you are sure that, to try to disturb any potential straightforward DDos or robot detector.

*X come whatever Tinder claims will be the reset time for your loves.

??? wanted a hand with your node.js software?

Messy signal, scalability difficulties, protection problem, element preparing, and architectural guidance simply a couple of things that I’m able to assist you with.


My goal is and it will often be to learn, in this instance, by reverse-engineering the Tinder’s web site, an art and craft that I consider extremely important for applications developing.

I didn’t reveal these findings since they’re maybe not security-related as far as I’m mindful.

I’m carried out with this ‘research’ project, I was thinking about performing an extension to auto-reveal the pictures or to auto-like men and women but it contradicts the things I stated within the last section, that doesn’t suggest if someone really does things about this We won’t check it out, merely inform me!

Finally, I would like to encourage everybody else to always just be sure to read what’s happening in cover, observe exactly what consult and replies (They generally hold added information that shouldn’t feel there), towards sources (Sites may upgrade their code with website maps, ouch), look into the unit for logs and variables, etc.

I love to think it over as it is a treasure quest, you will never know what you should get a hold of!

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